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at the holiday forecast, patrice, back to you. >>> it's the biggest event in this sport in america america. how you can get a seat for the tables tennis championship in baltimore this week >>> keep the thanksgiving celebration going on this weekend by serving up healthy competition. it's the 2009 north american teams table tennis championship. allen williams joins us this morning with more on the big event. good morning, allen. >> good morning, it's good to have you. >> well, thank you. >> as you can see it's still under construction for the tournament. we have two days left before the players arrive. >> it looks like some the players are there hard at work practicing getting it in. >> we are lucky to have two of the best players in america. markus jackson and in the white shirt, and the opposite end of the table is the member of the u.s.'s national team. they are here to give you a taste of how the game looks when it's played ride. right. >> which is a great idea. because when i play it doesn't look like that. how many players are going to be there for the competition. >> this year we have 250
less. smooooooth. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft. america's softest bath tissue. >>> waiting for a verdict, why experts say a verdict could come down in the trial of mayor sheila dixon. >>> it's that time again, where you can get the best deals on this cyber monday. >>> the ravens pull out a win against this team, the goal field that everybody is talking about this morning. >>> good morning. it's monday, november 30th. you are taking a live look at the symphony of lights in howard county. that's a little something to get you in the holiday mood. we will take you live there throughout the morning in a few minutes. something else to get you in a good mood is a ravens win over the steelers. that's what we like to talk about this morning. let's check in with tony pagnotti. and the weather held out for everybody. i thought it would be freezing but it was very nice. >> we hit 62 yesterday, and late night in the 50s,. >>couldn't ask better against the steelers. >> today we're going to get a reality check, but again a little colder. >> don't say that word. >> it's too ea
pumpkin latte, for just 99 cents. america runs on dunkin'. the whole gang will love -- six fresh, delicious donuts for just $3. affordable treats to share with friends, family, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> highly anticipated report from the federal reserve helps stocks rally on wednesday, but they couldn't hold on to those gains. anallandy flick has details in today's business brief. >> reporter: stocks jumped off to a strong start on wednesday after a pair of reports into the labor market, that the layoffs in the u.s. may be easing. the dow added 30 point to end at 9,802 the nasdaq ended relatively flat. the federal reserve says it's keeping the funds rate near zero for an extended period of time. economic activity has continued to improve with consumer spending apparently on the rise. >>> microsoft is announcing plans to cut 800 jobs, that is on top of 8,000 positions the company cut earlier this year, the first layoff in microsoft history. they did not say when the layoffs would occur, only that they would be spread in locati
this at 11:00 on a saturday night, america a watching. >> the debate stretched on for months. the republicans had a plenty of notice. >> this isn't a government takeover. >> president ow obama says the senate will follow in the footsteps of the house. >>> most of the maryland's congressman voted along party lines in favor of the bill, except for frank crit oweville. first representative is one of 39 democrats who voted against the bill. that is one the reasons passing the senate version will be a challenge. joel d smith has more on the historic vote that happened over the weekend, and what is next. >>> good morning, patrice, before there can be a vote at the senate, they still need one bill first. there's still several versions in the senate side. the stumbling block remain the idea of the government competing with the public insurers. that was considered a big victory in the house version. they say that millions of americans will be covered when the healthcare reform bill passes. and they believe that the version will cost too much and increase the federal deficit. what can we expect in the
the america's best value inn in hancock back in 2008. >>> new information this morning in the death of a ltimor businessman who died after he became the victim of a robbery. constantine dino frank di earlier this year two weeks mhaveeen arrested robbery and two others in baltime county. if convicted the suspe could face up to 20 yrs in prn. >>> controversial billtarging baltimore moves forward in the city council. the city would require centers to post a sclaimer if they don't offer abortions services a proposed amendnt that uld require all pregnancy centers to post all services they n't fer, like adoptseices, they cal the bill unfair. >> the main concern with th bill is itsingles out pro life charity centers for no other reason that they are pro-life. >> sporters o bi say and ri women t curateing is expected stay to fox 5morning news for contiing coverag of this story. e ing'rtota with city council president ephanie comg up later this .bill >> another sign of the holid season is here, salvation army bell ringers. morniel ith is live at the inner harbo with a prew. b
. affordable treats to share with friends, family, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> new this morning, the port of baltimore could soon be getting a major make over. later today the governor is expected to reveal that sports america will invest more than $500 million in upgrades to the port. the project is necessary to ensure that the port can handle larger ships. they're likely to become the norm once the widening of the panama canal is finishes. the deal should bring shows of jobs to baltimore. >>> baltimore sports fans can anticipate some changes at the city's major stadiums. the port of public works voted on wednesday to spend more than $12 million to make camden yards more energy efficient. at the will get new high efficiency light bulbs and the cooling is systems will be retrofitted. the upgrades are expected to save $60 million over the next 11 years. >>> denise has spent the last few weeks, redecorating cafe hon. just this week she put up a brand new pink flamingo shiny and new. >> yes, i did. >> it's been the talk of the town. i hope she
instead of permanent stables. >> any vet in america will cross these and come and check our horses, they're in good shape. they're talking about the environment, it's water puddles, how are we going to control that? >> right now the horses are being taken care of at a rescue farm at wood bine. >>> coming up, howard county passes a tanning ban aimed at teens, why the vote is a his historic one. >> reporter: i'm jessica starr, coming up i will tell you how to for delicious fall flavors. for a short time, we have all your seasonal favorites. try any of our authentic hot lattes, including our pumpkin latte, for just 99 cents. america runs on dunkin'. hey, i need a new cell phone. well right now you can get verizon wireless plus fios tv, internet and phone. wow... it really is beautiful, isn't it? it's gorgeous! who would know? no one would know. would anyone know? hey, buddy... what are you doing here? well...i believe that answers my question. (announcer) get verizon fios tv, call the verizon center for customers with disabilities internet and home phone, at 800-974-6006 tty/v today, plus
favorites. try any of our authentic hot lattes, including our pumpkin latte, for just 99 cents. america runs on dunkin'. >>> welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 6:30 is the time. i'm patrice harris. let's head to meteorologist steve fertig and get a look at our forecast today. >>> good morning today. it should be a nice day with a lot of cloud cover. you he see a lot of clouds on the sky watch hd radar and the temperatures as you see, correlating with all of the cloud cover, meaning that it's rather mild as a result. 55 degrees in baltimore, 53 in d.c., 53 in salisbury, and oakland at 52. we should top out at 66 degrees with a north wind at 5-10 miles per hour. it should be a mild day. all in all, it should not be quite as warm as yesterday, still a mild day, warmer than average. cooler for your wednesday and thursday, with the remnants of ida coming up our way and bringing showers especially for the southeast for tomorrow maybe even overnight tomorrow but a better chance tomorrow. a dry saturday and sunday with mild temperatures. we will talk about that in just a little bit. right now we d
lattes, including our pumpkin latte, for just 99 cents. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ tell me who's watching. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. >> from ghosts and aliens to mystery boxes and telepathic ghost playing. there is something for everyone in the theaters this weekend. candace explains? the low-down. good morning, candace. >> good morning. we have come a long way from mcguff. a christmas carol hits theaters this week. we all know the timeless tale of the bitter oldmizer on christmas eve. >> he hates christmas. he is amizer. he's a hateful man. he is going to be visited by three spirits. you know, we are all basically haunted by spirit until we realize that we have to kind of get involved in life and enjoy ourselves. >> but this is definitely a new look to the classic. the director uses a technology that brought us the polar express and showcase in vicker to why, london. >> the thing that amazes me about the writer more than anythi
' do it. try a small hot or iced latte anytime for only 99 cents. it's just another way america runs on dunkin'. by putting an end to paper medical records, we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives, sometimes when seconds count. managing chronic conditions. making amazing new discoveries. and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees. kaiser permanente. thrive. >>> lull the hoppy days into epic proportions. you can make your own blown glass holiday ornaments. jessica starr is live at our hometown hot spot. >> reporter: this is a great spot. they have an open tour tonight. and you can come after thanksgiving and make your own or notment anorornament and it'y exciting thing. tell me about your open studio. >> we do it every year to kickoff the christmas season. we are doing it in conjunction with our friends at wood berry kitchen. we will provide food and drinks, and flat bread and everybody can watch glass blowing which is very exciting. >> reporter: run me through the process of the glass blowing. we wake-up this morning, and the temperatures are very hot with these ovens. te
't the only cause of obesity in america, many doctors agree that it's a major contributing factor. con congress ask no is now consg legislation that would add a few to the cost of soft drinks. a proposal that the president obama says has to look at. it would help to fund healthcare and curve obesity, but they disagree. >> they say it's only pennies. but those pennies add up when you're trying to feed a family. washington if you're listening, what doesn't seem much to you can be a lot to us. >> we want to know what you think, should the government tax soda to fight obesity? that's the question of the day. we will open our phone lines soon. you can always go to and tell us what you think, or to our face book right now, you can send us a tweet at fox baltimore, and you can text your answer to 45203. enter fox 45a for yes, and fox 45b for no. and stay tuned with fox 45 for a continuing coverage of this story. we will talk with an expert about the heart association new sugar guidelines and the soda tax. >>> the cdc takes some blame in getting out the h1n1 vaccine. >>> comin
in america. you snooze you lose. hey! i'll take it! let the chevy red tag event begin. now during the chevy red tag event, get 0 percent apr for 72 months on most '09 models. see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every penny counts. so does every moment. make the most of both this holiday season with great gifts at great prices from l.l. bean. ♪ from l.l. bean. >>> e clever cleaver brothers are here to help you show off with their recipe. >> hello out there, welcome to the great episode of tailgating with the clever cleaver brothe brothers. >> some mussels that we call razzle-dazzle mus muss sell. >> nowadays you with buy them prepared in the store. this is the way they come in the half shelf. all you have to do is pop that off of the muss sel muss cell m. >>> i'm going to add cilantro. >> i'm going to add some jalapenos. we took the stem off. we cut it in half and took the seeds out of it. the heat in the jalapeno or any pepper is in the membrane and where the seeds attach. make sure you cut that out. >> for obvious reasons when you're tou
popular. >> we were all over america for four years. i was dying to embark on a solo career. i had loads of songs to record. i'm having a great time and i'm singing tonight. it's all very excite something give me a quick idea of what the distant shore cd is like. >> there's a lovely variety of songs on the album, as well as original songs i started writing. and then songs, the beautiful song always thereb there, by drn graham. >> what are you going to do for us. >> a song called variety. >> orla take it away. you are watching fox 45 morning news, all local all morning. sno♪ >>> we are continuing the coverage of the wicket wicked w. meteorologist jessica starr has been following the storm from ocean city. she is getting banged out there. >> my goodness, how is it out there, jess. >> reporter: the waves are enormous. i'm trying to send a picture as we speak. the wind is very strong. it's blowing the sand across the boardwalk. they have the coastal flood warning and a high wind warning and effect until tomorrow morning. the system is going to be a slow mover. it's going to take its time
the name john walsh. but this is john walsh, america's most wanted food. >> i like that. >> let's talk about the marsh of dimes. and what kind of work you do. >> we're doing the benefit this evening and it's a really great cause. and i'm really proud to be associated with them and be a part of it. we got about 20 chefs or chefs coming. this is going to be a great event. >> this is one of the events. >> we're serving one part. tonight we're doing a lobster sausage. >> and you're going to tell us how to do that. giving away your secret. >> no we share. i like to share. >> one the things we're going when we are making these in our company, we use all-american product. the shrimp comes from the gulf, the lobster from maine. and this comes from the north at listen ticatlantic coast. we made a stock so all the shrimp when we peel them. we expect the shelves and then we put them in the freezer and we're going to use them to enhance the flavor a little bit. this is very simple. we made homemade pasta. it tastes really great. what we're going to do is i got a little food processor, and i've got
america's seniors aren't as immune to the h1n1 virus as doctors may have predicted. maryanne silver tell us that many of the sickest patients also have asthma. >> reporter: since the h1n hit, doctors are focusing their efforts on the children with the virus. stephanie spent three months in the hospital. the virus caused her temperature to hit 101 degrees and her kidneys to fail. it shows older americans are coming down with the virus too in greater numbers than expected. the study looked at more than 1,000 patients hostlized with h1n1 in frill and august. while most of the patients were under 18, the death rate was found higher in those over 50. >> there's perception that the elderly have some immunity. >> reporter: while people are turning out in high numbers to get the seasonal flu shot. doctors say they're not even seeing much of that strain. it's the h1n1 virus that seems to be the most common this year. >> we're seeing almost no seasonal flu yet. what the rest of the season will hold only time will tell. >> reporter: the cdc says people with asthma, count for 1/3 of the patients
in america. around his journey, bruno finds himself in quite a few interesting situations. the dvd includes never before seen footage and commentary by the director and sacha barren cohen explaining exactly how they pulled off all of those pranks. get ready treky's star trek is coming to dvd and blu-ray tomorrow. it rebooted the franchise and attracted new fans fans to the favorite. >>> it's hard to believe that it's been a decade since the release of "fight club." with the help of a salesman, he finds his escape into an underground nightclub. the battles are coming to blu-ray in a 10th anniversary edition. speaking of 10, our next one is the winner of 10 academy awards and it's the country's all time leader of the box office. >> kiss me once. >> for the first time ever, you can watch gone with the wind in a remastered version on blu-ray, the 70th anniversary all to collection edition is available tomorrow. you know baltimore raven michaelor is a mean machine on the grid iron, but do you know his story before he made it to the pro level. a new movie will reveal details many people have neve
, and co-workers. grab six donuts for only $3 today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 6:30 on this friday morning and you are taking a live look at the flooding and the ocean at ocean city. we are dealing with the remnants of hurricane ida and the folks at ocean city are still dealing with it for a second day. you can see how strong the waves are coming in and that is causing problems and probably will continue throughout the day. we will keep an eye on that. we will talk with our reporter on the scene there in a few minutes. good morning, i'm patrice harris. 6:31 is the time. we will take a look at the traffic with candace. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. that is the case on the eastern shore. up fortunately you saw what it looks like in ocean city. we have problems further up in berlin, flooding there as well, that shuts down route 34, this is going to be the entire situation for the eastern shore, and a dangerous situation. we do have a report ore the scene and will bring you updates throughout the morning. on 695 moving at harford road, so far it
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